I became addicted to the thrill and feeling of watching my body change with each passing day,” he says. “My passion began to spill over to my friends who would come to work out with me. I would teach them the things my dad taught me, shattering the idea that one had to lift heavy in order to see results.”

Jon’s passion for fitness began the first time he stepped foot in a gym as a teenager with his father, a body builder and fitness model. He started by perfecting the basics from proper breathing and spotting techniques to lifting form and control. He says the more he learned, the more passionate he grew about accomplishing his fitness goals.

After high school, at age 22, Jon was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which has no cure. But, through diet and exercise, he’s been able to lessen his need for insulin injections and increase his results at the gym.

“I’m a firm believer that you are not what you’re diagnosed with, but you are what you choose to be,” Jon says. “I took a stand against my diabetes and now I have diabetes, it doesn’t have me.”

Jon is equally committed to helping clients reach their fitness goals. He has expertise in strength training, resistance training and functional training, weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning. He’s certified as a personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and continues to educate himself through NASM



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