Registered Dietitian

Sadie’s approach to a healthy lifestyle is to nourish and train the body in a way that allows you to be the best, healthiest version of yourself.

As a Registered Dietitian with more than 9 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry, Sadie has worked with numerous individuals and groups to help them reach their goals of obtaining their healthiest lifestyle imaginable. Sadie tackles this mission by encouraging a “clean eating” lifestyle. This incorporates consuming minimally processed foods and limiting ultra-processed and refined foods, as well as learning how to eat mindfully, utilizing an immense amount of self-discipline. Sadie stresses the notion that eating healthy isn’t considered a “diet”, but is a lifestyle. Sadie has experience educating those in need of diabetic management, as well as a number of other chronic conditions that can be managed and alleviated by indulging in healthier choices. Sadie believes that each individual is different and should thus be on an individualized nutrition regimen that meets their own goals and needs. Sadie works with midget, junior, college and pro hockey players from her husband’s teams, assisting in their nutritional needs. Sadie has also worked with children of all ages to educate them on the importance of nourishing their bodies adequately to encourage proper growth and an ideal outlook on food. Sadie has completed her certification in personal training and looks forward to working with the Pulse Fitness community in making each and every client feel and look their very best. Sadie is excited to help you meet your goals and to aid you on your journey of becoming the best, healthiest version of yourself.


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