T1 Cycle

Our signature Pulse Rides reinvent indoor cycling

With innovative and motivational instructors, this heart pounding, music inspired cycle program will transform you mentally & physically!

Indoor Cycling is a great way to mix-up your routine with a invigorating play-list customized to keep the energy high! All Pulse classes are lead by a T1 Certified instructor that will challenge you each class.  Our T-1 classes feature Lifecycle GX Indoor Cycling bikes that are bio-mechanically designed and user-tested to ensure a comfortable and effective workout. Quality construction provides long-lasting durability and with micro-adjustments any rider is able to customize each bike to their preferred riding style.  

Our current cycling program consists of 7 different styles of rides that allow members to find a class that fits their needs: 

Cycle Pulse | This is our original class! Allow yourself to get caught up in the beat of the music and the passion in the room.  This workout holds all the elements of cycling incorporated into one heart pumping ride.  *This class will incorporate coach by color, which will allow everyone to work at their fitness threshold.  

Cycle Endurance | No giving up! This ride will require you to maintain stamina through longer interval rides.  Its a fast paced, energetic class that will fuel your spirit and boost your energy.

Cycle Power | your strength will be challenged in this ride, where we alternate between lower body power and upper body.  Working to increase levels of resistance with your lower body while challenging your upper body with weighted resistance moves and weighted work.

Cycle Surge | We pack 50 minutes of cycling into a 30 minute high intensity workout.  Focus on a fast paced RPM intervals, incorporated with short sprints.  Feel the burn as we push ourselves to the max in this one!

Cycle Intro | conducted every two weeks, this 30 minute class will give the mechanics to stet up the bike, appropriate handle positions and a your fitness level.  All yourself the opportunity to become a star cyclist by learning the basics first.  

Cycle Box | This unique class fuses two elements of fitness together- boxing & cycling.  Target the lower body with cycling as we hit hills, sprints and endurance rides, follow up that burn as we jump off the bike and on to the bags!   This section will focus more on upper body and core moves.  50 minutes of a fun and sweaty workout.

Cycle Challenge | You want more? This is the class for you! We compete with the board on this one! Sprint up hills in a dark room, explode with power climbs and check your stats to see where you rank! This ride is all in, 50 minutes of intensity with everyone working to get to the top! 

More about our bikes | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNLOIvgmKb0


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