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At Pulse, we understand the elements needed for healthy life-style. With custom nutritional programs available and a full service Shake-Bar at our facilities, we are confident that with this convenient, high quality, personal service you will reach any goal you're strong enough to set. 

We absolutely love seeing our clients change their lives by providing their bodies with optimal nutrition.  When you nourish your body you can anticipate a boost in your energy and an increase in your physical performance. We want to help you become the healthiest version of yourself, getting you started on your journey of eating healthy and helping you create healthy habits that last.

The process is simple: contact our nutritionist, Stephanie, to set up a time for your Initial Nutrition Assessment. This takes roughly 45 minutes. She will discuss your lifestyle, current diet, and your wellness goals. As each individual is different, so is each meal plan. She takes into account your history, likes, dislikes, allergies, chronic conditions, activity level, available grocery stores and more. She will calculate your macro nutrients and give you meal timing guidelines, a grocery list, and nutrition recommendations to improve your health.

If you want accountability and a custom meal plan she will construct a 30 day meal plan specifically for you. These meal plans are very specific. They cover every meal and snack of every day and include recipes and a grocery list. The custom meal plans includes weekly check ins to hold you accountable.

Each month throughout your time working with Stephanie, she will meet with you for a follow-up assessment, just to see how things are going, how you are feeling, what your energy level is like, if we need to tweak anything. She will then construct another 30 days of meals, switching many of them up so that you are able to try new things and expand your healthy eating meal ideas.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you live a more nutritionally-adequate life!

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Service Menu

Initial Consultation: Review health history and goal questionnaire, measurements and body fat analysis,  macro-nutrient calculation, welcome packet: with helpful guidelines and a healthy food list. 

Meal Plan: Detailed meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Access to meal plan software, easy swap out meal options, recipes, and grocery list. Accountability - weekly online check ins to hold you accountable.  

Follow Up (One Month): 30 min meeting to go over your progress and adjust your plan as needed. A new meal plan and weekly online check ins to keep you on track. 

Revised Plan: Every 6 months its ideal to revisit your health goals. We will create a new plan tailored to your new body stats and goals. 

Grocery Store Visit: Learn how to pick healthy alternatives to the foods you love. Learn how to read and understand food labels and what to look out for. A delicious recipe to try tonight!



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