Our Boot Camps are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals and timed rotations create a fun and effective workout

Our dynamic boot camp program offers something for everyone!

Boot Camps at Pulse Fitness are creative and unique. We offer 5 Boot Camp Formats, each designed to bring a different component to the workout. These classes are designed to give everyone the opportunity to build power and stamina, at Pulse we want you to be challenged but also succeed! We staff between 2-3 people for each camp to really focus on your form and technique.  Our goal is not only for you to improve in fitness but to know how to use your muscle in the most successful way.  Take the opportunity to try our various Boot Camps.  You won’t be disappointed.

Technical Boot Camp | It's your first time, a little nervous, don't worry we got you covered! Join the Pulse Fitness Team as we guide you into the world of Boot Camps!  In this camp, we work on technique and the format to allow you the opportunity to workout and develop your skills.  We work on targeting basic exercise to help you develop your ability and technique for advance boot camp classes. 

Pulse Boot Camp | The Pulse Original camp is designed to give you an adventure in fitness! This Boot Camp is our original beast! We took all the best of Pulse and mixed it up into one killer workout! Every week we work on a new style and format to further challenge you and keep your body wanting more.  Camp each week will either take a rep format, timed format or intervals of seconds.  Once the format is established, we than determine amount of people per station and how many exercises to incorporate to give the best workout.  You will always leave giving the maximum of your fitness ability! 

Stamina Boot Camp | This Class is designed to build strength and endurance! We teach you to stay empowered  while sustaining a difficult level of fitness.  Each workout interval will last 45 seconds to 1 minute interval, allowing a 10 second recovery between each station.  Prepare your mind and allow your body to be challenged. All levels of fitness welcome - modifications can always be made.

HIIT Boot Camp | Are you ready to sweat!! This High Intensity Interval Training Boot Camp will leave your heart pounding & your body spent! This camp is designed to give you a fasted paced workout! 4 rounds of high energy moves, designed to keep your cardiovascular levels at a max high.  30 second intervals for each exercise with a small 10 second break between.  Prepare to move fast and burn calories quick!

Superset Boot Camp | Not for the weak-hearted, its game day at this camp! We pack in a solid workout with a competitive edge. Following the structure of our boot camps, we work 3 rounds into this routine with elements of power, strength and cardio.  This camp takes our classic Pulse Boot Camp to the next level, by putting the control in your hands.  We guide you through a 5 minute warm up, followed by 12 workouts designed to hit all three key elements of Boot Camp.  You will perform two exercises back to back without rest, once the superset is complete, than a rest at your pace followed into the next set of exercises until all exercises and rounds are complete.   

Our Competitive Training Camp | This is our most advanced style of Boot Camp, you must have knowledge of Olympic lifts and instructor permission to join. With a “CrossFit” styled tempo combined with a functional training design of movements, the purpose of these sessions are for members to enjoy a healthy competitive style of training. The sessions are timed to last no longer than 60 minutes. Every class will have at least 2 coaches in the room to instruct and assist members through the workout. We have an entire room dedicated to our Training Camps, and the convenience of a garage door allows us to design workouts for both inside and outside movements (Depending on weather conditions).

Private & Corporate Camps

Private, Youth and Corporate Camps available. Please contact us for details. We can come to you!


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