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October 10, 2017

New Partnership

For Your Convenience...

Introducing our new partnership with Fit Foods RX!Grab and Go Meals available weekly @ Pulse Bar (both locations) OR Custom orders available via www.fitfoodsrx.com

September 5, 2017

Now Hiring

New location coming in November, currently seeking talent in ALL departments!

You've heard us talk about the Royal Oak expansion for quite some time now...check out the new floor plan for our Iron Ridge location coming soon!

Our most popular class PUMPED UP! Join us for this special event in September!

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Exercise of the Week with our newest member to the Pulse Team. Welcome Dan Ballinger who is showing us a resistance band db shoulder complex. Try this out on your next shoulder day for a great burn and pump.

Exercise of the Week is here!!! This week features Eric Farenger with Ab Pokes. This is a great total core burn. Keeping your hips up in line just like a plank. 3 sets 20-25 reps.

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