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One of my favorite bicep exercises for the Exercise of the Week,  the Zottoman Curl with Jake Chandler. This is a great exercise for the biceps and forearms. Add these to your next bicep day and get those arms growing.

Exercise of the week!!! This week is featuring Gino Ciavone with the single arm KB pronated row. You are adding a 180 rotation at the bottom stretch of each rep. Then rotating wrist back to normal position as you pull the rep. Add these to your next back day to grow those lats!!! 3 sets of 10-12 heavy rep

This weeks Exercise of the Week features Tracie Gajewski. Using a TRX you will be doing a high curl with a high row. Palms facing up on the curls then rotate palms down on the row. Must keep elbows up on both moves. Add this to your next back and bicep workout.

This weeks Exercise of the Week features Lena Thomas with the Weighted Jumping Lunge/Squat Combo. Lunging on each side with a squat while jumping for the transition on each element of this exercise. These will be performed with the 3 movements equaling 1 reps. 3 sets of 10 reps for this intense leg workout.

This weeks Exercise of the Week is a Single Leg Glute Bridge on a BOSU Ball With Christina Kilpatrick. The difference with this one is you want to press down and flex your ankle like you're pushing a gas pedal and letting off. This will intensify the bridge and add a crazy burn to those hammies and glutes. Add this with your next leg day for a challenge.

Back at it with the Exercise of the Week. This week is featuring our trainer Jordan Zaia with a push up reach. Add these to your next upper body workout. If you are unable to do a proper push up yet then drop down to your knees to add assistance.

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