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This weeks exercise of the week is a tricep triple set featuring Greg Walker. 10 reps each tricep pulldown-press down-extension. Try this for a great tricep blaster!

Changing it up with the exercise of the week. This week is a pregnancy exercise featuring Jenny Genord with a pelvic lift with band abductions. Make sure to lay back on an incline surface and avoid being all the way flat. This is a great move to apply when dealing with or trying to avoid lower back pain. Do this core and hip strengthening move 3 sets of 15 reps. 

Exercise of the Week featuring Danielle Shefferly with a Landmine Lunge Punch. It's a great total body exercise. Add this to your next workout and really feel the burn.

Exercise of the Week featuring Alicia Matatall with a combo booty move. Bosu donkey kicks with fire hydrants. Slow in control movements for 3 sets of 20 reps each leg. For an added challenge add ankle weights or bands. Get out and do these next leg day for a solid booty pump.

This weeks Exercise of the Week features one of our class instructors Amina Daniels. You will be doing a downward dog knee tuck 4 sets 30 seconds each leg. Give it a try for a great core burn.

Exercise of the Week featuring Jon Calvin with typewriter push ups. This unique movements is great for pec and shoulder development. Give these a try next chest day.

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