Jenny Genord

Jenny is our Aerial Arts instructor at Pulse fitness. Her aerial career started 8 years ago when she saw a group local to Detroit performing and thought, “that looks fun, I really should give that a try!!” After signing up for her first round of classes her passion for aerial became unquenchable, and she has not stopped since. After the first couple months of training Jenny was offered a spot on a local performance troupe where she showcased her work at events and festivals around metro Detroit. It’s no wonder that Jenny’s aerial career took off so quickly; flying runs in her blood! Her great aunt and uncles (Harold Voise, Jack Noise & Eileen Voise – the Flying Harolds) were acrobats and flying trapeze artists in the Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Nothing compared to the exhilaration of learning to fly and sharing it with the community, which is what pushed her into becoming an instructor. Now self-taught and motivated by her dare devil side Jenny continues to push the boundaries of gravity, but her real passion is teaching her students to let go of their fears and learn to fly!