Welcome to Pulse Fitness – The Right Way to Train

You are so much STRONGER than you think! Those words are spray-painted on the wall of our gym and they’re so true. You can get fit. You can lose weight. You can achieve your fitness goals. You can accomplish things you never thought possible — and we can help!

Pulse Fitness offers different styles of training to support each individual. Members can choose from one-on-one personal training, group training, and a variety of fun, exhilarating and challenging classes sure to get your heart pumping. Each member of our Pulse Fitness team of personal trainers and experienced instructors excels in different areas. We’ll motivate you, coach you, and hold you accountable. Our passion, dedication, creativity, knowledge and expertise set us apart. We’re invested in your success! Come in for a complimentary training session and experience the right way to train!

The floor plan at Pulse Fitness includes a cardio room, a strength training area, a cross training room, and an aerobics studio. We also have a nutritional shake bar to help you avoid plateaus in your training. The equipment is all here waiting. The only thing missing is YOU.

Visit our Mind Body site and create and account with Pulse Fitness. Members can keep track of remaining sessions and sign into classes! New members, check out our schedule here before you drop in!


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